I have relied on chiropractor and massage to help me manage/reduce chronic pain for twenty years but I was skeptical about Reiki. After twenty minutes of working with Liz, I was a believer. Liz was able to find and release pain that had gotten stuck in my body. After seeing Liz, I slept better than I had in weeks and woke with less pain and inflammation.


In a word, Liz is wonderful.  I lost my husband unexpectedly and was in dire straits for months.  I was the one who was lost.  Going to Liz helped me through the healing process.  Liz has a calming vibe.  During my Reiki sessions I felt peaceful and relaxed.  Lying on Liz’s Reiki table was a respite from my spinning mind which was engulfed in sadness.  Liz has a unique ability to connect with people who are experiencing grief.  Thank you Liz, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me get my life back."


I have suffered from hip pain that makes it hard for me to walk or climb stairs.  After one Reiki treatment with you, I had absolutely no hip pain for the first time in a year!  I couldn’t wait to walk.”  


My son had severe environmental allergies that just made him miserable.  During the spring and fall they would even cause him to gag.  After seeing you for a couple of months, his allergies have improved dramatically!  He is able to be outside without any reaction.  Thank you!”  


My chronic illness intensified seven years ago. Since then, nothing has really helped me feel better. When Liz performs Reiki, I can feel that she’s really working on my body’s core in a way that nobody else has (though I’ve done every medical and complementary therapy before). Her Reiki and energy balancing makes me feel that there’s a good chance I can get better. I haven’t felt that before. I’m really glad that I found my way to her, her healing techniques, and spirit.” 


I had my first Reiki session with Liz three months after suffering a miscarriage. I didn’t know what to expect, but Liz’s calm, welcoming demeanor immediately put me at ease. The emotions that I had been going through weighed on me heavily, but I left that first session feeling lighter. I continued to see Liz while I prepared for another round of IVF. These sessions helped calm me and put me in the right frame of mind for a successful IVF experience. Liz also showed me techniques that I could do on my own to increase my chances for success. I continued to see Liz throughout my pregnancy. I always felt calm and relaxed after a treatment with her. After my baby was born, I even took her for a Reiki treatment. She was able to recognize Liz’s voice after having heard it for nine months. Thank you, Liz, for being a part of this journey with me!” 


I first started seeing Liz a year and half ago because a mutual friend kept telling me to go see her for my allergies and some issues I was having with my stomach. At first I was skeptical, but when another friend mentioned her to me, I finally decided to go and have been seeing Liz ever since. 

My only regret is I didn't go see Liz sooner. At this point, my allergies and stomach issues are non-existent, but I continue to see her for my overall health and keeping me functioning on all cylinders. I still see Liz for ART but now have incorporated Reiki into my treatments and I absolutely love it. I go 1-2X a month and look forward to seeing Liz every time :)"


I had Lyme disease for one and one-half years before coming to Liz.  I took antibiotics and herbs, but still had continual aches in my joints unless I took multiple supplements every day.  After working with Liz for 2 months, my joint pain is gone!”


Before coming to Liz I wasn’t able to eat dairy for 20 years without severe pain.  By strengthening my immune system and desensitizing me to allergens, Liz made it possible for me to eat dairy every day. My results are truly amazing. I have the utmost gratitude for Liz for all that she has done for me – she has changed my life!” 


After Reiki I had good levels of energy while at the same time I slept very well every night.  Thank you!” 


After carbon monoxide exposure and a head injury, I suffered from chemical and electromagnetic sensitivity that really hurt my quality of life.  I found it hard to navigate my environment because I never knew where or when I would be affected.  Liz was able to bring my level of reactivity down so that I now have the confidence to be out and about in the world.  After I 'graduated' from seeing Liz, I developed a stubborn subclinical infection that I couldn’t get rid of.  After trying a few other approaches, I came back to Liz.  After systematically checking my immune system, Liz was able to clear the infection as well.  I am no longer in pain and am astounded by the versatility of her approach."


I went to see Liz because my digestion was getting worse.  It felt like I was adding foods to my ‘forbidden’ list with every passing year.  By the third week, I noticed a lot more energy and ability to exercise the way I love, without fatigue.  This week, I was able to eat broccoli for the first time in years.  Grapes are back, cheese is back!  Hurray!  Thank you, Liz!”


We are so fortunate to have been referred to Liz!  We all benefit from her expertise and kindness in offering auto-immune support to our family.  Her help gives us better health and peace of mind!”  


Liz not only has a wealth of practical information, but she is extremely caring.  After coming to see her, I feel better than I have in years.  My level of inflammation has gone down dramatically and I am now able to keep up with my grandchildren.”  


Before coming to see you, my daughter had extreme reactions to mosquito bites. You worked your magic and she recovered quickly.  She has had fewer bug bites, minimal reactions and is doing great.” 


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